Lift and empty content lifter

This application has a special electric emptying tool where the lift is used to empty the contents of for example stainless steel containers into the baking machinery or other types of machinery used in different industries. The legs of the lift are widen

Our range of applications extends at a steady pace due to many Protema lift users with continuous requests of new solutions to everyday situations. There is a solution to every type of lifting situation. One example is the large amount of “tilt and empty”-tools that we have developed for different types of industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
They all use variation of tools used to grip and turn containers upside down over the manufacturing line with the EasySqueeze tool. All Protema trolleys can each be customized and offer a choice of lifting capacities and lifting heights. Our technical engineers customise the standard versions to suit user requirements and the range of applications is extending.

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