Lifting drums with Protema trolley

A Protema lifter with EasySqueeze tool is optimal for lifting and rotating drums.

Protema stainless steel lifts are suitable for ergonomic lifting in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Drums are often used to transport ingredients and produce in the manufacturing process. Large drums containing tablets, powders and sometimes fluids are picked from shelf and moved into the pharmaceutical production area. Padded grippers and turning tools are appropriate ergonomic lifting tools for these types of manual lifting. The fixed version drum turner is perfect for one-size drum projects. It consists of a bracket that holds the drum in place when it is manually emptied of its contents.

For projects with drums of varying dimension the EasySqueeze is more suitable. It is advisable to use an electric turner instead of a manual turning solution when the load reaches 60 kg or more. When drums are emptied at a height, we recommend the electric tilting function.

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