Lifting with Protema in industrial kitchen

A Protema lightweight construction of aluminum that is very popular in industrial kitchens due to its flexibility and light construction. The staff of many industrial kitchens put their Protema trolleys into use in daily lifting situations.

Lifting and moving different types of kitchen goods such as boxes, containers and pans in the kitchen can be heavy and strenuous work. During a working day, light manual lifting can literally add up to tons. Placing objects in awkward positions with different heights can potentially be harmful lifting and cause injuries.
By using the right kind of lifting aid such as our Protema trolleys and good ergonomic practice, more and heavier objects can be lifted. This leads to minimized manual lifts, increased productivity and injuries can be avoided. The smallest Protema lift, PRO40, is a perfect and very common lifting aid in the school kitchens and restaurants.

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